Children of Aya Moving

Trust Issues

The group left the casino the way they came and continued through the tunnels and out of the city. As they walked through the snow, Letters fell from the sky, each addressed to each party member. It was the new mail system to deliver mail to travelers. They opened the letters to discover that the Sanguine Rule was ordering everyone have last names, to decrease confusion and prejudice. They had to submit a current or new last name and could change their name if they pleased, but if they did not turn it back in within 7 days they would be considered deceased. It also explained a new system of time, which had been screwed up during the Second Surfacing War. The year was now the year 1000. Degenes kept her name as Degenes Colasanjyan. Vandriel and An’nak took Calasanjyan as well. Scarlet discovered that her real name was Victoria Montehue, but decided to legally change it to Degenes Colasanjyan. Lilliro Vanafindiel changed her first name to Cadence. Xava decided to be deceased, since he was a wanted man. Kimblee took the last name of Lilyheart, and Vektor Took his last name Morticai and turned it into the first name of Mort. He then took Kimblee’s last name to become Mort Lilyheart.
They came to a small village after finding some strange black marks in the snow. They stayed the night in the inn. Kimblee, An’nak, and Vandriel had a dream scape where they were in the checkerboard room, but there was water flowing out of a rip. they went through the rip to find themselves in the ocean. Up above them in the sky William and Johnathan struggled to close a rip that lead to Hell. Skeletal birds attacked them from the other side and William fell. Kimblee turned into a porpoise to save him. She and An’nak took him to shore where Vandriel was. William was incorporeal. Kimblee then turned into a big beetle to fly Vandriel and An’nak up to help Johnathan. They helped Johnathan sew the rift shut, and then woke up.
They went and turned in their names, and everyone ran their own errands. Degenes bought Xava some new gear because he had none, and was freezing in the summer snow. Then Xava came across a strange metal man. Degenes went to see and followed the metal man out of town. Cadence went and got the others and the followed. They were ambushed out of town by a group of thieves and had to fight them off. An’nak was knocked unconsious by the necromancer of the other party. Vektor finally showed his true potential, slipping between Astaire and Hell to “blink” in and out of view, while dealing huge amounts of damage. Scarlet shot Rose (the necromancer) after she did a negative energy burstof ML whilst invisible. They killed everyone but the necromancer and the rogue, Falcon, who both surrendered. Turns out that the robot, Scout, belonged to them. The game ended with them deliberating on what to do with them and calming down from getting really pissed off.

50 Shades of Derp

The group decided to go with William, who said Nacht would not give him th bell, they had to get it themselves. They fell into the Inbetween, but got separated. Xava, Lilliro, Vandriel, and Vektor fell into a dream scape forest with a checker board floor. These little cards with suckers on them kept attacking Xava. Then they found a tree with a noose on it. A sign read “exit.” The floor dropped away under it, so they cut the noose down and tied Lilliro to it and lowered her down. She dissappeared, leaving the rope empty. Xava jumped in after her, followed by Vandriel. Vektor said “F- that,” and shut the door to find a different way out. Then the other group (Kimblee, Degenes, An’nak, and Scarlet) were in an elevator. It opened to a teeny tiny hallway, only 2 feet wide. They inched thier way down it and came to a T. Down one way there was a guy chewing on his finger. They then saw that the walls were moving. They decided to use thier cards and go back to Johnathan. The other group landed on a foggy beach. Up on the hill they saw someone appear in the sky and fly down with smokey black wings. It was Vektor. They went to the carnival on the hill where the harlequin doll told them to read the rules. Rule #1: Follow the Rules. They went in and played some games for tickets. Then the other group landed on the beach with Johnathan’s help. They found William wandering the beach looking sorely confused. He found them and was pleased, then told them that the entrance to Nacht’s palace was at the top of the ferris wheel. They rode the ferris wheel and arrived outside a black and white castle. They went in to see Nacht. They asked for the bell but he asked what they could offer him. He only accepts big things “Like souls… Or a puppy.” They offered several items, but Nacht had no need for items, he could make them. Then Vandriel offered to do a spell for him. She humbly did her best and summoned a monster. He was pleased. Then Degenes offered to drink a potion and hulked out a wee bit, giving a show pretending to fight the guards. Kimblee summoned a giant centipede that Nacht could put funny hats on, even giving him a surprise (1, 2, or three?). Xava said he had nothing to give, but with the help of Vandriel who cast a spell on him, he did some stuff in the air. Then An’nak tried to tumble but slipped on the piece of bacon Nacht conjured beneath him. He saw through embarrassment though to successfully prove himself. Scarlet did a little dance, and Lilliro was given the chance to be sexy again, doing a ribbon dance for him.Finally Vektor did some of his old martial arts that he used to do as a younger man, and would later be asking Degenes for pain killers. Nacht was satisfied, and told them they could have the bell if they took it off his shoe with thier teeth. Degenes did so and they were taken back to Johnathan’s casino.

Our Wailing Hearts

An’nak woke in a dream scape with a stranger named Vandriel. They woke on a checkered floor. An’nak saw some webs and started to walk towards them until his feet started sticking and Nacht laughed. He ran back. They then found themselves in a street. Inside the shops were mannequins and The Red Mannequin. Then chains stared to criss cross across the path so they climbed up on top of the buildings and Vandriel made eye contact with Michah Likane. In all dreams they could hear “All dolls, prepare.” They ran and woke up. Vandriel went to the inn where she had seen that group go the night before and was greeted by Scarlet, who took her to Degenes’ room. She explained the dream scape just as An’nak came running to Degenes, all scared and stuff. They decided to meet downstairs and discuss it further. Degenes went back in her room to get dressed and William came out of her closet to tell her that every dream scape was the same last night. A man named Xava was evesdropping and followed them downstairs. While they talked downstairs they heard Vektor fall out of bed. Kimblee and Degenes went up to check on the disgruntled old man. He was alright. Once Degenes left he kissed Kimblee on the cheek and whispered “I’m sorry” before getting dressed and going downstairs. Xava noticed the guard outside in black. They confirmed that he was a vampire after degenes went over and asked him to help her with her horses. He sent a boy to do it for him, to stay in the shade. Vandriel went out to ask around about the vampires while the others went and got provisions. Vektor and Kimblee went coat shopping. Vandriel found out that a vampire named Caelic was going around looking for the group. And that there was a diplomatic meeting tonight. Xava went on the roof to see smoke rising from the south. Once all back together they saw a vampire out in the alley who called to Lilliro to come down and hep him find someone. She reluctantly did, followed by Degenes. The vampire said he was looking for a necromancer named Korrvus Naghash. Degenes informed him that he was dead. The vampire dissappeared. They discovered that the town was on lock down. They wanted to sneak into the diplomatic meeting, so they went out in 3 groups, xava on his own to secure an escape route, The Under together as a friend/relative group, and the rest. They could hear the sounds of wailing echoing through the town, and being the good people that they are, they went to go check. It was coming from the Delacroix manor. Degenes realized what she had done, and have the guard a letter to give to Caelic, whom she didn’t realize was the vampire she had spoken to earlier. They rejoined the Under group, who was being looked at by the Under diplomats. Vandriel heard that they suspected that Vektor was Vektor, despite his clever scarf disguise. Degenes saw the Ul diplomats and tried to tell them about her group. They basically spat on her with words and left. Then the Sprout diplomatss hid from the Under ones. Kimblee turned into a rat and followed the Under diplomats into a large meeting hall around a circular table. At the head sat the Sanguine King, Queen, and Prince. The meeting was basically as follows;

  • Jan’nache is being rebuilt, casualties have been kept to a minimum, but they still require food for the relief workers.
  • Elequin is requesting more medical supplies and aid as the illness is still spreading.
  • Fer’ren’s crops are failign due to the sudden winter, and is requesting livestock from the other towns so they can be bred and sent out to replace the harvest food.
  • The Sprout report a rise in missing persons and ask for higher security at the Underground entrances.
  • Ter’reno is doing just fine.
  • The Crossroads City of Kalma was ransacked by the Skavash Second Company and demand compensation.
  • Northern Astaire is shutting down its borders and all trade with The South, and has created magic dampeners much like The Machine to Save the World to deal with the current issues.
  • The Underground offers up men, mostly guards and alternative medicine doctors t be sent as needed to help.
  • Ulei has shut off all borders and is evicting all Ayans from the island. They are however offering a large sum of money to help with relief efforts.
  • And finally Skavash is offering to send aid to whomever needs it, so long as they receive full cooperation.

After all diplomats had spoken, Caelic came forward to inform them that the city has been shut down and taken control of by the Skavash army, and will remain so until the “military threat from the South is neutralized.” They will leave as soon as possible and where go where the threat is. They hope to keep all treaties in tact, and hope to only protect the Sanguine rule and it’s people. Kimblee then cast water over the Ul and Under diplomats on her way out. They went back to the Inn and discussed escape. Degenes tries to contact William to see if he could voip them out, but got Johnathan instead because William was busy. he looked disheveled and his clothes were covered in black gunk. He said he could not voip them, and even if he could, he could only voip souls, not bodies. That wasn’t hous dream scapes worked. Kimblee flew up high to see Bior’re on fire and made eyecontact with Michah Likane, as if she were right there. She was heard to say “Oh. hello” in her, Scarlet, and Lilliro’s heads. She flew back in and changed in front of the group and they all flipped shit. Lilliro and Scarlet could hear chanting;

(Put chant here.)

Vandriel knew of some tunnels under the slums, so after the advice of the innkeeper degenes took dexter, sinister, and her carriage to the church for safe keeping. Then to keep the dolls safe Vektor put them in his bag. Inside they were in a vast void piled up with stuff. They ran through the night, but were stopped when they heard a commotion at the ML Doll Factory. They ran to see the employees being dragged out by vampires, while other vampires smashed up the insides. The owner, Dahlia, protested and was immediately beheaded. While the group debated on what to do two of them were seen. Xava ran to the slums, and An’nak ran towards the monastery. On his way he ran into a beautiful woman in white and blue, with long white hair. She told him her name was Anjiel and she was a child of Aya. She was sent to give him a message, as Aya herself could not reach An’nak right now. She said Aya said “What you’re doing is wrong.” She then dissolved into snow. He ran back to the group and as they went to the slums he told them about his strange encounter. Once to the slums they found the tunnel but a cat told Kimblee there was noises down there. Sure enough they could hear something, but they weren’t sure what. They decided to go anyway, knowing they could not stay and needed to get the spell ingredients and get to The Birth Place of the world ASAP. So they went down and soon came upon a rip in the dimensional walls. On the other side was Johnathan’s casino. They went in and Vandriel started searching magically for the spell items on the list since she remembered them discussing that a few were only found in dream scapes and near rips. They asked Johnathan about the Bell of Nightmares. He went up to go look in his papers while the others got to relax at the casino. vandriel located the approximate direction one of the items was at, and she, Kimblee, and Vektor left the casion, falling into The Inbetween to find it. They ended up in the bug dream scape. By now all that were left were shells with plants growing out of them. They found a glowing white flower growing out of a bug’s eye socket. Kimblee took it and felt SUPER druidy, and described the flower in her mind as “very bright. very shiny.” As she held the flower is sunk into her chest, making a tattoo mark where it was. She could take it out by touching the tattoo. She and Vektor went back with their cards, but Vandriel stayed to try and find the Bell. Johnathan had found not much in his papers, the last mention of it was in the possession of William. When the others got back he was alarmed by Vandriel’s absence and went to go find her. “She isn’s safe alone, even with one of my cads. I will go get her.” He found her in a jiffy and she said she wanted to find the bell. He offered to help and took her on a slight detour through his favorite garden, tea table, and beach dreamscape before going to William. She asked William to help her get the bell. First he said she would need to do him some “favors.” Then he forgot who she was or what they were saying. This time he talked about how difficult it would be to get the bell. The he forgot again. Finally Johnathan got tired and snipped at him, which did get the job done but made him throw a fit and almost cry. Johnathan had to kiss William’s cheek because he asked and Johnathan declined. “Damn it I made you and you never come see me or talk to me or acknowledge that I saved you, I could hae let you die, so kiss my cheek!” William said he’d show up with it at the casino and vanished in a puff of glitter. Johnathan stood with a disgust face, wiping off his lips before offering to take her home. She held up a hand and said wait a second.. Vandriel, who was very attracted to his black and white complexion (as it was the same as her) offered to fix his offended lips. Before he could process the statement she kissed him. As they kissed he used te physical contact to voip them back to the casino.

Seven Devils

They woke the next day to find that the rain was now salty. Lilliro could see sorrow in her reflection. Everyone freaked out and thy left town. As they approached the next town they could see black clouds. The horses wouldn’t leave the road because the grass was black. Aiden met them and escourted them into town where everyone has been converted into dolls. There, in the same town was Michah Likane, Sorrow, Wither, Devour (in a new body), Aiden, Vektiel, and The Spaces. Sorrow overtook Lilliro, and Aya only had time to shove her soul into a doll before she truly died. The group left Lilliro behind as they fled, but she caught up to them. They ran and ran until they made it to Sanguine City.

What an excellent day for an exorcism

An’nak had a dream. He woke in a little outdoor cafe beside a festival. Luna joined him with a message from Aya that the girl in white was possessed and needed to be saved. She also said that something was keeping Aya from direct contact with him. She then let him go play at the fest for as long as he wanted, because she knew how stressed he was.
He woke and told the others. He went and got a book from the church on exorcisms and the doctor ordered a quarantine so she could check everyone’s teeth against a mold of the killers. They found Kimblee there, with Vektor sleeping in the chair beside her. They needed a big, enclosed place to do the exorcism. They went and talked to the school teacher, who agreed to let them use the school room. They drew her in and An’nak exorcised her.


They woke to find Kimblee gone. So was the stable boy. They began a frantic search. Scarlet became friends with a bard. They searched Phillip’s stable room to find out he was a worshiper of Aya but was unaccepted by the townfolk because he was gay. They also learned about the previous victims and how they died. (eaten and torn to bits.) They found Kimblee’s sheers and her shoe by a tree. Vektor dug but did not find her. They also ran into Light who had found Korric and was taking care of him in a little papoose. That night they stayed in the school, because they did not want any children to get taken. Devour came but did not get anyone. The next morning Lilliro found a little porkupine. It had Kimblee’s other shoe. They folowed the little porkupine to the edge of the woods. It wouldn’t go any further. So they went in alone. Something kept zipping by too fast to see and cutting them. Lilliro got poisoned. They searched and searched only to realize Vektor was now also missing. They found the little porkupine sinking in the swamp, trying to come find them. They helped him and followed it a bit until they found Vektor, standing above Kimblee and Phillip, his eyes black and his hair blowing, beating the girl in white off with his scythe. He let them take them and stayed behind, keeping the girl in white off them. They took them straight to the doctor.


As they slept An’nak had a dream scape in Jan’nasche. She saw the church and decided to poke around the graveyard. In it she saw a fresh grave with a hand reaching out. It was Saya. She found other graves of the people Vektor had killed, including Shane and the fedora of the pimp. She then saw his house was lit. She went in and was drawn to a golden box with a tag that said “Inner Desires”. She opened it and sudden;y doubled over in pain. As she writhed Saya had risen from the grave saying “You didn’t save me.” An’nak tried to run but was in too much pain. Madam Olivia appeared and voiped her to her place. She appeared to now be a dream lord as well. She woke An’nak up who screamed in pain. Something was wrong. He was now a boy. Vektor explained that on the other side of the tag it said “Do Not Open” and that it had been given to him by a man who had accidentally killed his family with it. Then Light gave An’nak man lessons, which involved getting kicked in the nuts.
Then they began to travel again. They came to the little town of Heav Hollow. It was really foggy. They came to town in the middle of a funeral. They joined to be polite to discover it was the funeral of a young woman. After some asking they found out she had been eaten, and was not the first victim. Lilliro took the funeral opportunity to steal things from the vendors booths in the market, but Scarlet snuck everything back. That night Lilliro saw a girl in white and talked with a boy who had started a “ghost hunting club” cuz the kids knew what was really going on. Kimblee awoke to the sound of scratching at her window. It was open. The girl in white climbed in and grabbed her, pulling her out the window. Kimblee left clues, digging her shears into the ground. Korric tried to save her but was beaten down. She was dragged off into the night by the girl in white.

The Machine to Save the World

The group awakens and goes downstairs to get a meager breakfast when a loud noise and a commotion draws them outside. Kimble spots some poor rat-thing fly back through the air and goes to aid him, followed by the others. She and Degenes heal the innocent bystander, who points them in the way of the offending machinery. They come upon a man holding some sort of machinery in place, Degenes quickly lending him her staff to rest it upon. He thanks them, as does the inventor of the device, A (though he’s more gruff about it.) A explains only that this is “the machine that will save the world” and states that it’s going too fast. They need dryder silk to hold the machine together and slow it down. The group volunteers to help him get it in exchange for passage to the surface. A’s assistant, Ekaske (or Nrk as the rat-things call him) aids the group, revealing that his lower half is actually fully mechanical, and he was originally a dryder. He changes into his dryder legs and leads them up the path to the dryder’s cavern, though they are extremely reluctant to give them entrance. Ekaske stays outside the tent of the dryder leader, as they do not trust technology or him for that matter. The group enters the tent and speaks with Andre, leader of the dryders. He obviously disapproves of them knowing the location of their cavern, but agrees to trade them silk for cloth. The group has to be branded with a poison barb that would release toxin if they spoke of the location of the cave or tampered with the brand. They hot-footed it back to the hollow and retrieved cloth from a rather frightened rat-thing female, bringing it back to Andre and receiving a spool of dryder silk in return. Eagerly they return to A with the supplies, and with a bit of tinkering he gets the machine working and turns it on. Unfortunately the machine works by nullifying all the magic in the hollow, making magic users like Kimblee and Vektor extremely uncomfortable and essentially killing Scarlet. A begrudgingly agrees to keep the machine turned off until they leave the cavern, which they do after a trip to the weapon’s shop. Ekaske leads them through the long path to the surface, the whole group overjoyed to be out of there. They set up camp near the entrance/exit and quickly fall asleep. An’nak and Lilliro awaken inside a dreamscape, upon a grounded boat in a stagnant river. They quickly discover a pile of leeches and broken glass at the front of the boat, and quickly notice strange black things moving in the water. However, Lilliro also notes something shiny in the water, and the two agree to try and get it. It ends up being a Coin of Vash’an that sticks to An’nak’s palm as the dreamscape goes black and Corvus’ voice taunts them from the dark. They snap out of it and awaken, An’nak bringing the coin with her to the waking world. They wake the others, Vektor explaining that the coin is carried by followers of Vash’an, like Corvus. They go back to sleep, but while Degenes is on watch she sees movement in the forest, waking others but by that point they are gone. A while later a lost-looking young girl approaches, begging for help in finding her parents. Degenes wakes the others, agreeing to follow the girl with Kimblee and Lilliro. They are quickly ambushed by two vampires, the little girl revealling herself to be one as well. Kimblee calls a beam of daylight to stun the vampires and alert the group at camp, Koric helping in that regard. Vektor arrives, binding the vampires and keeping them under his sway as they return to camp. He shows them their Coin of Vash’an, makes sure they will not attack the others and goes back to sleep as they interrogate the group. It ends up that the three often use the young girl – actually a young boy – to get an easy meal. They also reveal more details about vampire culture and talk long into the night, until sunrise when they have to seek refuge in the ground.

Goes Bing

Once Tendrre caught his breath he was able to transcribe the ingredients needed for the spell to bind Estiel. The group immediately deciphered a few clues but others remained a mystery. They said their goodbyes once Lilliro was up and about and began to head back to meet Shkirt. Unfortunately the Black Hand was all around, and their leader Isabella LaBlanq quickly sniffed Vektor out despite his disguise. She struck him down with her scythe, dealing him severe damage until Kimblee scared off many of the natives by transforming to a bear and having the others heft the injured Vektor onto her back. She bolted with him on her back and the group at her heels through the cavern, gathering a very surprised Shkirt on the way. Vektor told her to go to his house so they changed route and got there, barely escaping Isabella’s grasp. Degenes and Kimblee (once un-bearified) healed Vektor to the best of their abilities, the group hiding up in the library. Shkirt surprised the group by revealing a homing device that would allow the other rat-things to find them. For an hour they rested until Shkrrng broke through the stone walls into Vektor’s kitchen. He found his errant kin and reluctantly agreed to help the group escape, though Kimblee had to take serpent form in an attempt to hide her scent. The hole that Shkrrng came through was too tiny, so he planted something that “goes bang” in the wall, and it did, blasting a hole big enough to crawl into. A few hours of cramped tunnels, minor assaults, and various insults, the group made it to the rat-thing’s hollow, a bastion of advanced technology unseen by outsiders until now. After overcoming their shock the group agreed it best to stay and rest in the hollow – Kimblee had to change back to herself and wear a rather repugnant collar to prevent being eaten. They got a room (and a lot of odd looks) at the inn, quickly falling asleep.

This is All You Get

The group woke to the sounds of Vektor and Tendrre sleeping on the floor behind the desk. Menirr was still awake, pacing in the other room. They went in and talked with her a bit to discover she’d been taking care of Lilliro all night because she had come down with the “underground flu” as it were. They began to help her make breakfast when Degenes noticed that Scarlet was gone. They went out to look for her, asking around the carnival if anyone had seen her. A twin spectre was rather unhelpful, but with some persuasion and good thinking, Kimblee got it to tell her that it had seen her hobble off towards the church of Estiel. They went back to the house to gather a grumpy Vektor, and headed post-haste to the Church. As they got closer the tunnel began to writhe. Chains traveled beneath the dirt and the closer they got they began to hang down. Vektor ran into one and it burned his face, making him bleed. They emerged into the courtyard of the church and the chains sealed off the exits. Vektor went to ask what was going onas the group stood trying to look unsuspicious. Vektor returned. No one had seen her, and were too busy wondering about the exits to give a shit. An’nak was very very uncomfortable, until everything paused and the voice of Aya said to her “It’s okay An’nak.” Then when everything went back, the other people did not keep moving. They went over towards the entrance of the church where bunches of them here crowded. None of them were moving. It wasn’t until one of them bumped into one of them that they noticed that they had all become dolls. They backed up, freaked out, but Degenes could hear Scarlet’s small voice inside. “Michah Likane?” They knew they had to go in. Mustering bravery, they went in to find Scarlet sitting on the lap of the ML priestess, the Estiel and Sorror priests sittign with her. They greeted them and said someone wanted to speak with them. The cieling began to bleed as chains desceneded from the ceiling, and slowly Michah Likane lowered down into the church, her body appearing more grotesque and bloody than before. They spoke and she revealed that she wanted them to do something for her. She wanted them to defeat her father, Estiel. She threw a chain at Degenes, which burned her, and said it would tie him to his vessel once he rose. They agreed on the terms that she give Scarlet back to them. She laughed and grabbed Scarlet, ascending into the ceiling. They then fought all the dolls and the priests. Durring the fight Vektor was able to take control of the ML priestess, but lost control when the Estiel priest started beating the shit out of him. It was a hard battle, but they were successful. Angry and confused, they cursed ML for not staying true to her word, but suddenly a naked doll fell through the ceiling. It was Scarlet, now with legs and a torso. Carved into her back were the words “THIS IS ALL YOU GET.” They quickly clothed her and took her home. Once back at the house they rested, falling asleep.

Degenes, Kimblee, and An’nak awoke on a beach. The sky was grey and cloudy, and on the sand was a table with food and tea and yummy things. On the table wa a single playing card; the King of Hearts. They were leery, but they sat and ate. While they did, An’nak saw a man standing on the bluff watching them, but he disappeared like smoke. Kimblee got up to go look at the water and he appeared in her chair. After a mild freak out they found out he was also a dream lord, and had come to give them a good dream that they so deserved. They also learned from him that the Carnival of lost Souls had been bought by a demon, and gave them a card to possibly buy Bobi’s soul from it. He also bonded with Kimblee because she had been posessed by the demon that he sold his soul to. They had a wonderful dream at the beach, and An’nak built a sand castle.

They woke. Vektor wanted to go to his home because there was a text there that they needed. They went and on the way bought Scarlet some clothes from a traveling Ul merchant named Lian. Then they went to Vektor’s home, which was a huge mansion carved into the stone down the forgotten paths of the underground. While he ran upstairs they looked around to see a study and what appeared to be a torture chamber, with a skeleton in the corner. They were a little freaked out, and began to question their allegiance with him, but only for a second. Then after looking in the library with him, Kimblee wanted to clean out the dust. So they all went out of the tunnels and she cast a wind spell and cleaned out the house. As they left to go back home they ran into a large rat. To their surprise, it was sentient, and stood on its hind legs, reaching to be about 2 and a half feet tall. His name was Shkirt, and he was a “rat thing.” He told them that they were looking for Vektor, the priests having raised the alarm after recognizing him. Shkirt offered to take them through the secret rat thing ways out. They were left with no option but to dress him in drag in order to get home and gather their things. After many laughs and taunts from Tendrre, and many death glares from Vektor, they prepared to leave, hopefully before Vektor was found.


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