Children of Aya Moving

50 Shades of Derp

The group decided to go with William, who said Nacht would not give him th bell, they had to get it themselves. They fell into the Inbetween, but got separated. Xava, Lilliro, Vandriel, and Vektor fell into a dream scape forest with a checker board floor. These little cards with suckers on them kept attacking Xava. Then they found a tree with a noose on it. A sign read “exit.” The floor dropped away under it, so they cut the noose down and tied Lilliro to it and lowered her down. She dissappeared, leaving the rope empty. Xava jumped in after her, followed by Vandriel. Vektor said “F- that,” and shut the door to find a different way out. Then the other group (Kimblee, Degenes, An’nak, and Scarlet) were in an elevator. It opened to a teeny tiny hallway, only 2 feet wide. They inched thier way down it and came to a T. Down one way there was a guy chewing on his finger. They then saw that the walls were moving. They decided to use thier cards and go back to Johnathan. The other group landed on a foggy beach. Up on the hill they saw someone appear in the sky and fly down with smokey black wings. It was Vektor. They went to the carnival on the hill where the harlequin doll told them to read the rules. Rule #1: Follow the Rules. They went in and played some games for tickets. Then the other group landed on the beach with Johnathan’s help. They found William wandering the beach looking sorely confused. He found them and was pleased, then told them that the entrance to Nacht’s palace was at the top of the ferris wheel. They rode the ferris wheel and arrived outside a black and white castle. They went in to see Nacht. They asked for the bell but he asked what they could offer him. He only accepts big things “Like souls… Or a puppy.” They offered several items, but Nacht had no need for items, he could make them. Then Vandriel offered to do a spell for him. She humbly did her best and summoned a monster. He was pleased. Then Degenes offered to drink a potion and hulked out a wee bit, giving a show pretending to fight the guards. Kimblee summoned a giant centipede that Nacht could put funny hats on, even giving him a surprise (1, 2, or three?). Xava said he had nothing to give, but with the help of Vandriel who cast a spell on him, he did some stuff in the air. Then An’nak tried to tumble but slipped on the piece of bacon Nacht conjured beneath him. He saw through embarrassment though to successfully prove himself. Scarlet did a little dance, and Lilliro was given the chance to be sexy again, doing a ribbon dance for him.Finally Vektor did some of his old martial arts that he used to do as a younger man, and would later be asking Degenes for pain killers. Nacht was satisfied, and told them they could have the bell if they took it off his shoe with thier teeth. Degenes did so and they were taken back to Johnathan’s casino.



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