Children of Aya Moving


They woke to find Kimblee gone. So was the stable boy. They began a frantic search. Scarlet became friends with a bard. They searched Phillip’s stable room to find out he was a worshiper of Aya but was unaccepted by the townfolk because he was gay. They also learned about the previous victims and how they died. (eaten and torn to bits.) They found Kimblee’s sheers and her shoe by a tree. Vektor dug but did not find her. They also ran into Light who had found Korric and was taking care of him in a little papoose. That night they stayed in the school, because they did not want any children to get taken. Devour came but did not get anyone. The next morning Lilliro found a little porkupine. It had Kimblee’s other shoe. They folowed the little porkupine to the edge of the woods. It wouldn’t go any further. So they went in alone. Something kept zipping by too fast to see and cutting them. Lilliro got poisoned. They searched and searched only to realize Vektor was now also missing. They found the little porkupine sinking in the swamp, trying to come find them. They helped him and followed it a bit until they found Vektor, standing above Kimblee and Phillip, his eyes black and his hair blowing, beating the girl in white off with his scythe. He let them take them and stayed behind, keeping the girl in white off them. They took them straight to the doctor.



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