Children of Aya Moving

Goes Bing

Once Tendrre caught his breath he was able to transcribe the ingredients needed for the spell to bind Estiel. The group immediately deciphered a few clues but others remained a mystery. They said their goodbyes once Lilliro was up and about and began to head back to meet Shkirt. Unfortunately the Black Hand was all around, and their leader Isabella LaBlanq quickly sniffed Vektor out despite his disguise. She struck him down with her scythe, dealing him severe damage until Kimblee scared off many of the natives by transforming to a bear and having the others heft the injured Vektor onto her back. She bolted with him on her back and the group at her heels through the cavern, gathering a very surprised Shkirt on the way. Vektor told her to go to his house so they changed route and got there, barely escaping Isabella’s grasp. Degenes and Kimblee (once un-bearified) healed Vektor to the best of their abilities, the group hiding up in the library. Shkirt surprised the group by revealing a homing device that would allow the other rat-things to find them. For an hour they rested until Shkrrng broke through the stone walls into Vektor’s kitchen. He found his errant kin and reluctantly agreed to help the group escape, though Kimblee had to take serpent form in an attempt to hide her scent. The hole that Shkrrng came through was too tiny, so he planted something that “goes bang” in the wall, and it did, blasting a hole big enough to crawl into. A few hours of cramped tunnels, minor assaults, and various insults, the group made it to the rat-thing’s hollow, a bastion of advanced technology unseen by outsiders until now. After overcoming their shock the group agreed it best to stay and rest in the hollow – Kimblee had to change back to herself and wear a rather repugnant collar to prevent being eaten. They got a room (and a lot of odd looks) at the inn, quickly falling asleep.



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