Children of Aya Moving

Our Wailing Hearts

An’nak woke in a dream scape with a stranger named Vandriel. They woke on a checkered floor. An’nak saw some webs and started to walk towards them until his feet started sticking and Nacht laughed. He ran back. They then found themselves in a street. Inside the shops were mannequins and The Red Mannequin. Then chains stared to criss cross across the path so they climbed up on top of the buildings and Vandriel made eye contact with Michah Likane. In all dreams they could hear “All dolls, prepare.” They ran and woke up. Vandriel went to the inn where she had seen that group go the night before and was greeted by Scarlet, who took her to Degenes’ room. She explained the dream scape just as An’nak came running to Degenes, all scared and stuff. They decided to meet downstairs and discuss it further. Degenes went back in her room to get dressed and William came out of her closet to tell her that every dream scape was the same last night. A man named Xava was evesdropping and followed them downstairs. While they talked downstairs they heard Vektor fall out of bed. Kimblee and Degenes went up to check on the disgruntled old man. He was alright. Once Degenes left he kissed Kimblee on the cheek and whispered “I’m sorry” before getting dressed and going downstairs. Xava noticed the guard outside in black. They confirmed that he was a vampire after degenes went over and asked him to help her with her horses. He sent a boy to do it for him, to stay in the shade. Vandriel went out to ask around about the vampires while the others went and got provisions. Vektor and Kimblee went coat shopping. Vandriel found out that a vampire named Caelic was going around looking for the group. And that there was a diplomatic meeting tonight. Xava went on the roof to see smoke rising from the south. Once all back together they saw a vampire out in the alley who called to Lilliro to come down and hep him find someone. She reluctantly did, followed by Degenes. The vampire said he was looking for a necromancer named Korrvus Naghash. Degenes informed him that he was dead. The vampire dissappeared. They discovered that the town was on lock down. They wanted to sneak into the diplomatic meeting, so they went out in 3 groups, xava on his own to secure an escape route, The Under together as a friend/relative group, and the rest. They could hear the sounds of wailing echoing through the town, and being the good people that they are, they went to go check. It was coming from the Delacroix manor. Degenes realized what she had done, and have the guard a letter to give to Caelic, whom she didn’t realize was the vampire she had spoken to earlier. They rejoined the Under group, who was being looked at by the Under diplomats. Vandriel heard that they suspected that Vektor was Vektor, despite his clever scarf disguise. Degenes saw the Ul diplomats and tried to tell them about her group. They basically spat on her with words and left. Then the Sprout diplomatss hid from the Under ones. Kimblee turned into a rat and followed the Under diplomats into a large meeting hall around a circular table. At the head sat the Sanguine King, Queen, and Prince. The meeting was basically as follows;

  • Jan’nache is being rebuilt, casualties have been kept to a minimum, but they still require food for the relief workers.
  • Elequin is requesting more medical supplies and aid as the illness is still spreading.
  • Fer’ren’s crops are failign due to the sudden winter, and is requesting livestock from the other towns so they can be bred and sent out to replace the harvest food.
  • The Sprout report a rise in missing persons and ask for higher security at the Underground entrances.
  • Ter’reno is doing just fine.
  • The Crossroads City of Kalma was ransacked by the Skavash Second Company and demand compensation.
  • Northern Astaire is shutting down its borders and all trade with The South, and has created magic dampeners much like The Machine to Save the World to deal with the current issues.
  • The Underground offers up men, mostly guards and alternative medicine doctors t be sent as needed to help.
  • Ulei has shut off all borders and is evicting all Ayans from the island. They are however offering a large sum of money to help with relief efforts.
  • And finally Skavash is offering to send aid to whomever needs it, so long as they receive full cooperation.

After all diplomats had spoken, Caelic came forward to inform them that the city has been shut down and taken control of by the Skavash army, and will remain so until the “military threat from the South is neutralized.” They will leave as soon as possible and where go where the threat is. They hope to keep all treaties in tact, and hope to only protect the Sanguine rule and it’s people. Kimblee then cast water over the Ul and Under diplomats on her way out. They went back to the Inn and discussed escape. Degenes tries to contact William to see if he could voip them out, but got Johnathan instead because William was busy. he looked disheveled and his clothes were covered in black gunk. He said he could not voip them, and even if he could, he could only voip souls, not bodies. That wasn’t hous dream scapes worked. Kimblee flew up high to see Bior’re on fire and made eyecontact with Michah Likane, as if she were right there. She was heard to say “Oh. hello” in her, Scarlet, and Lilliro’s heads. She flew back in and changed in front of the group and they all flipped shit. Lilliro and Scarlet could hear chanting;

(Put chant here.)

Vandriel knew of some tunnels under the slums, so after the advice of the innkeeper degenes took dexter, sinister, and her carriage to the church for safe keeping. Then to keep the dolls safe Vektor put them in his bag. Inside they were in a vast void piled up with stuff. They ran through the night, but were stopped when they heard a commotion at the ML Doll Factory. They ran to see the employees being dragged out by vampires, while other vampires smashed up the insides. The owner, Dahlia, protested and was immediately beheaded. While the group debated on what to do two of them were seen. Xava ran to the slums, and An’nak ran towards the monastery. On his way he ran into a beautiful woman in white and blue, with long white hair. She told him her name was Anjiel and she was a child of Aya. She was sent to give him a message, as Aya herself could not reach An’nak right now. She said Aya said “What you’re doing is wrong.” She then dissolved into snow. He ran back to the group and as they went to the slums he told them about his strange encounter. Once to the slums they found the tunnel but a cat told Kimblee there was noises down there. Sure enough they could hear something, but they weren’t sure what. They decided to go anyway, knowing they could not stay and needed to get the spell ingredients and get to The Birth Place of the world ASAP. So they went down and soon came upon a rip in the dimensional walls. On the other side was Johnathan’s casino. They went in and Vandriel started searching magically for the spell items on the list since she remembered them discussing that a few were only found in dream scapes and near rips. They asked Johnathan about the Bell of Nightmares. He went up to go look in his papers while the others got to relax at the casino. vandriel located the approximate direction one of the items was at, and she, Kimblee, and Vektor left the casion, falling into The Inbetween to find it. They ended up in the bug dream scape. By now all that were left were shells with plants growing out of them. They found a glowing white flower growing out of a bug’s eye socket. Kimblee took it and felt SUPER druidy, and described the flower in her mind as “very bright. very shiny.” As she held the flower is sunk into her chest, making a tattoo mark where it was. She could take it out by touching the tattoo. She and Vektor went back with their cards, but Vandriel stayed to try and find the Bell. Johnathan had found not much in his papers, the last mention of it was in the possession of William. When the others got back he was alarmed by Vandriel’s absence and went to go find her. “She isn’s safe alone, even with one of my cads. I will go get her.” He found her in a jiffy and she said she wanted to find the bell. He offered to help and took her on a slight detour through his favorite garden, tea table, and beach dreamscape before going to William. She asked William to help her get the bell. First he said she would need to do him some “favors.” Then he forgot who she was or what they were saying. This time he talked about how difficult it would be to get the bell. The he forgot again. Finally Johnathan got tired and snipped at him, which did get the job done but made him throw a fit and almost cry. Johnathan had to kiss William’s cheek because he asked and Johnathan declined. “Damn it I made you and you never come see me or talk to me or acknowledge that I saved you, I could hae let you die, so kiss my cheek!” William said he’d show up with it at the casino and vanished in a puff of glitter. Johnathan stood with a disgust face, wiping off his lips before offering to take her home. She held up a hand and said wait a second.. Vandriel, who was very attracted to his black and white complexion (as it was the same as her) offered to fix his offended lips. Before he could process the statement she kissed him. As they kissed he used te physical contact to voip them back to the casino.



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