Children of Aya Moving

Seven Devils

They woke the next day to find that the rain was now salty. Lilliro could see sorrow in her reflection. Everyone freaked out and thy left town. As they approached the next town they could see black clouds. The horses wouldn’t leave the road because the grass was black. Aiden met them and escourted them into town where everyone has been converted into dolls. There, in the same town was Michah Likane, Sorrow, Wither, Devour (in a new body), Aiden, Vektiel, and The Spaces. Sorrow overtook Lilliro, and Aya only had time to shove her soul into a doll before she truly died. The group left Lilliro behind as they fled, but she caught up to them. They ran and ran until they made it to Sanguine City.



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