Children of Aya Moving


As they slept An’nak had a dream scape in Jan’nasche. She saw the church and decided to poke around the graveyard. In it she saw a fresh grave with a hand reaching out. It was Saya. She found other graves of the people Vektor had killed, including Shane and the fedora of the pimp. She then saw his house was lit. She went in and was drawn to a golden box with a tag that said “Inner Desires”. She opened it and sudden;y doubled over in pain. As she writhed Saya had risen from the grave saying “You didn’t save me.” An’nak tried to run but was in too much pain. Madam Olivia appeared and voiped her to her place. She appeared to now be a dream lord as well. She woke An’nak up who screamed in pain. Something was wrong. He was now a boy. Vektor explained that on the other side of the tag it said “Do Not Open” and that it had been given to him by a man who had accidentally killed his family with it. Then Light gave An’nak man lessons, which involved getting kicked in the nuts.
Then they began to travel again. They came to the little town of Heav Hollow. It was really foggy. They came to town in the middle of a funeral. They joined to be polite to discover it was the funeral of a young woman. After some asking they found out she had been eaten, and was not the first victim. Lilliro took the funeral opportunity to steal things from the vendors booths in the market, but Scarlet snuck everything back. That night Lilliro saw a girl in white and talked with a boy who had started a “ghost hunting club” cuz the kids knew what was really going on. Kimblee awoke to the sound of scratching at her window. It was open. The girl in white climbed in and grabbed her, pulling her out the window. Kimblee left clues, digging her shears into the ground. Korric tried to save her but was beaten down. She was dragged off into the night by the girl in white.



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