Children of Aya Moving

The Machine to Save the World

The group awakens and goes downstairs to get a meager breakfast when a loud noise and a commotion draws them outside. Kimble spots some poor rat-thing fly back through the air and goes to aid him, followed by the others. She and Degenes heal the innocent bystander, who points them in the way of the offending machinery. They come upon a man holding some sort of machinery in place, Degenes quickly lending him her staff to rest it upon. He thanks them, as does the inventor of the device, A (though he’s more gruff about it.) A explains only that this is “the machine that will save the world” and states that it’s going too fast. They need dryder silk to hold the machine together and slow it down. The group volunteers to help him get it in exchange for passage to the surface. A’s assistant, Ekaske (or Nrk as the rat-things call him) aids the group, revealing that his lower half is actually fully mechanical, and he was originally a dryder. He changes into his dryder legs and leads them up the path to the dryder’s cavern, though they are extremely reluctant to give them entrance. Ekaske stays outside the tent of the dryder leader, as they do not trust technology or him for that matter. The group enters the tent and speaks with Andre, leader of the dryders. He obviously disapproves of them knowing the location of their cavern, but agrees to trade them silk for cloth. The group has to be branded with a poison barb that would release toxin if they spoke of the location of the cave or tampered with the brand. They hot-footed it back to the hollow and retrieved cloth from a rather frightened rat-thing female, bringing it back to Andre and receiving a spool of dryder silk in return. Eagerly they return to A with the supplies, and with a bit of tinkering he gets the machine working and turns it on. Unfortunately the machine works by nullifying all the magic in the hollow, making magic users like Kimblee and Vektor extremely uncomfortable and essentially killing Scarlet. A begrudgingly agrees to keep the machine turned off until they leave the cavern, which they do after a trip to the weapon’s shop. Ekaske leads them through the long path to the surface, the whole group overjoyed to be out of there. They set up camp near the entrance/exit and quickly fall asleep. An’nak and Lilliro awaken inside a dreamscape, upon a grounded boat in a stagnant river. They quickly discover a pile of leeches and broken glass at the front of the boat, and quickly notice strange black things moving in the water. However, Lilliro also notes something shiny in the water, and the two agree to try and get it. It ends up being a Coin of Vash’an that sticks to An’nak’s palm as the dreamscape goes black and Corvus’ voice taunts them from the dark. They snap out of it and awaken, An’nak bringing the coin with her to the waking world. They wake the others, Vektor explaining that the coin is carried by followers of Vash’an, like Corvus. They go back to sleep, but while Degenes is on watch she sees movement in the forest, waking others but by that point they are gone. A while later a lost-looking young girl approaches, begging for help in finding her parents. Degenes wakes the others, agreeing to follow the girl with Kimblee and Lilliro. They are quickly ambushed by two vampires, the little girl revealling herself to be one as well. Kimblee calls a beam of daylight to stun the vampires and alert the group at camp, Koric helping in that regard. Vektor arrives, binding the vampires and keeping them under his sway as they return to camp. He shows them their Coin of Vash’an, makes sure they will not attack the others and goes back to sleep as they interrogate the group. It ends up that the three often use the young girl – actually a young boy – to get an easy meal. They also reveal more details about vampire culture and talk long into the night, until sunrise when they have to seek refuge in the ground.



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