Children of Aya Moving

This is All You Get

The group woke to the sounds of Vektor and Tendrre sleeping on the floor behind the desk. Menirr was still awake, pacing in the other room. They went in and talked with her a bit to discover she’d been taking care of Lilliro all night because she had come down with the “underground flu” as it were. They began to help her make breakfast when Degenes noticed that Scarlet was gone. They went out to look for her, asking around the carnival if anyone had seen her. A twin spectre was rather unhelpful, but with some persuasion and good thinking, Kimblee got it to tell her that it had seen her hobble off towards the church of Estiel. They went back to the house to gather a grumpy Vektor, and headed post-haste to the Church. As they got closer the tunnel began to writhe. Chains traveled beneath the dirt and the closer they got they began to hang down. Vektor ran into one and it burned his face, making him bleed. They emerged into the courtyard of the church and the chains sealed off the exits. Vektor went to ask what was going onas the group stood trying to look unsuspicious. Vektor returned. No one had seen her, and were too busy wondering about the exits to give a shit. An’nak was very very uncomfortable, until everything paused and the voice of Aya said to her “It’s okay An’nak.” Then when everything went back, the other people did not keep moving. They went over towards the entrance of the church where bunches of them here crowded. None of them were moving. It wasn’t until one of them bumped into one of them that they noticed that they had all become dolls. They backed up, freaked out, but Degenes could hear Scarlet’s small voice inside. “Michah Likane?” They knew they had to go in. Mustering bravery, they went in to find Scarlet sitting on the lap of the ML priestess, the Estiel and Sorror priests sittign with her. They greeted them and said someone wanted to speak with them. The cieling began to bleed as chains desceneded from the ceiling, and slowly Michah Likane lowered down into the church, her body appearing more grotesque and bloody than before. They spoke and she revealed that she wanted them to do something for her. She wanted them to defeat her father, Estiel. She threw a chain at Degenes, which burned her, and said it would tie him to his vessel once he rose. They agreed on the terms that she give Scarlet back to them. She laughed and grabbed Scarlet, ascending into the ceiling. They then fought all the dolls and the priests. Durring the fight Vektor was able to take control of the ML priestess, but lost control when the Estiel priest started beating the shit out of him. It was a hard battle, but they were successful. Angry and confused, they cursed ML for not staying true to her word, but suddenly a naked doll fell through the ceiling. It was Scarlet, now with legs and a torso. Carved into her back were the words “THIS IS ALL YOU GET.” They quickly clothed her and took her home. Once back at the house they rested, falling asleep.

Degenes, Kimblee, and An’nak awoke on a beach. The sky was grey and cloudy, and on the sand was a table with food and tea and yummy things. On the table wa a single playing card; the King of Hearts. They were leery, but they sat and ate. While they did, An’nak saw a man standing on the bluff watching them, but he disappeared like smoke. Kimblee got up to go look at the water and he appeared in her chair. After a mild freak out they found out he was also a dream lord, and had come to give them a good dream that they so deserved. They also learned from him that the Carnival of lost Souls had been bought by a demon, and gave them a card to possibly buy Bobi’s soul from it. He also bonded with Kimblee because she had been posessed by the demon that he sold his soul to. They had a wonderful dream at the beach, and An’nak built a sand castle.

They woke. Vektor wanted to go to his home because there was a text there that they needed. They went and on the way bought Scarlet some clothes from a traveling Ul merchant named Lian. Then they went to Vektor’s home, which was a huge mansion carved into the stone down the forgotten paths of the underground. While he ran upstairs they looked around to see a study and what appeared to be a torture chamber, with a skeleton in the corner. They were a little freaked out, and began to question their allegiance with him, but only for a second. Then after looking in the library with him, Kimblee wanted to clean out the dust. So they all went out of the tunnels and she cast a wind spell and cleaned out the house. As they left to go back home they ran into a large rat. To their surprise, it was sentient, and stood on its hind legs, reaching to be about 2 and a half feet tall. His name was Shkirt, and he was a “rat thing.” He told them that they were looking for Vektor, the priests having raised the alarm after recognizing him. Shkirt offered to take them through the secret rat thing ways out. They were left with no option but to dress him in drag in order to get home and gather their things. After many laughs and taunts from Tendrre, and many death glares from Vektor, they prepared to leave, hopefully before Vektor was found.



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