Children of Aya Moving

Trust Issues

The group left the casino the way they came and continued through the tunnels and out of the city. As they walked through the snow, Letters fell from the sky, each addressed to each party member. It was the new mail system to deliver mail to travelers. They opened the letters to discover that the Sanguine Rule was ordering everyone have last names, to decrease confusion and prejudice. They had to submit a current or new last name and could change their name if they pleased, but if they did not turn it back in within 7 days they would be considered deceased. It also explained a new system of time, which had been screwed up during the Second Surfacing War. The year was now the year 1000. Degenes kept her name as Degenes Colasanjyan. Vandriel and An’nak took Calasanjyan as well. Scarlet discovered that her real name was Victoria Montehue, but decided to legally change it to Degenes Colasanjyan. Lilliro Vanafindiel changed her first name to Cadence. Xava decided to be deceased, since he was a wanted man. Kimblee took the last name of Lilyheart, and Vektor Took his last name Morticai and turned it into the first name of Mort. He then took Kimblee’s last name to become Mort Lilyheart.
They came to a small village after finding some strange black marks in the snow. They stayed the night in the inn. Kimblee, An’nak, and Vandriel had a dream scape where they were in the checkerboard room, but there was water flowing out of a rip. they went through the rip to find themselves in the ocean. Up above them in the sky William and Johnathan struggled to close a rip that lead to Hell. Skeletal birds attacked them from the other side and William fell. Kimblee turned into a porpoise to save him. She and An’nak took him to shore where Vandriel was. William was incorporeal. Kimblee then turned into a big beetle to fly Vandriel and An’nak up to help Johnathan. They helped Johnathan sew the rift shut, and then woke up.
They went and turned in their names, and everyone ran their own errands. Degenes bought Xava some new gear because he had none, and was freezing in the summer snow. Then Xava came across a strange metal man. Degenes went to see and followed the metal man out of town. Cadence went and got the others and the followed. They were ambushed out of town by a group of thieves and had to fight them off. An’nak was knocked unconsious by the necromancer of the other party. Vektor finally showed his true potential, slipping between Astaire and Hell to “blink” in and out of view, while dealing huge amounts of damage. Scarlet shot Rose (the necromancer) after she did a negative energy burstof ML whilst invisible. They killed everyone but the necromancer and the rogue, Falcon, who both surrendered. Turns out that the robot, Scout, belonged to them. The game ended with them deliberating on what to do with them and calming down from getting really pissed off.



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