Children of Aya Moving

What an excellent day for an exorcism

An’nak had a dream. He woke in a little outdoor cafe beside a festival. Luna joined him with a message from Aya that the girl in white was possessed and needed to be saved. She also said that something was keeping Aya from direct contact with him. She then let him go play at the fest for as long as he wanted, because she knew how stressed he was.
He woke and told the others. He went and got a book from the church on exorcisms and the doctor ordered a quarantine so she could check everyone’s teeth against a mold of the killers. They found Kimblee there, with Vektor sleeping in the chair beside her. They needed a big, enclosed place to do the exorcism. They went and talked to the school teacher, who agreed to let them use the school room. They drew her in and An’nak exorcised her.



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