Caelic Delacroix

First Captain of the Skavash Diplomatic First Company


Born and raised in Skavash, Caelic and his brother spent thier entire childhood and young adult years preparing for the Delacroix choosing that would happen in thier life time. He knew his older brother, Corvus, wanted to be chosen more than anything, so he trained along mostly to be able to assist his brother. When time came for the choosing, he hoped and prayed for him and his brother, knowing he’d be happy with either outcome. If he was chosen, he hoped his Brother would be his champion (an Ayan chosen to be a vampire’s personal aid), and if Corvus was chosen he would have happily protected him for the rest of his mortal life.

Despite his humble nature, he was chosen, and Corvus, who had a power hungry and jealous spirit, fled the town in a rage before he could discuss with him his hopes for him. He took the loss of his brother and turned it into inspiriation and drive to succeed, in the hopes that when he meets Corvus again, he can prove to him that the choice was not wrong. In the very few years he had been a vampire he impressed the Delacroix so much with his talents and skills that he quickly moved through the ranks until he rested at First Captain of the Skavash Diplomatic First Company. While he knows his brother is out there, probably planning his demise, he holds no ill feelings for him, and would welcome him back with open, cold arms if he returned.

Caelic Delacroix

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