Traveling Undertaker


A light-hearted Under who enjoys drinking tea and burying the dead. While at first he may appear simple, appearances aren’t always what the seem.


Vektor was born in the underground. His parents were lower class Under in the service of the Black Hand Guild of Necromancy. His mother died giving birth to him, and his father died not long after. As an orphaned child he grew up not knowing the touch of a hug or a goodnight kiss, and soon that lack of contact grew into anger and hate. He taught himself to act, and found he could get what he wanted by reading people and acting according to their needs, and soon began to climb his way up the ranks in the Guild. As a young man he fell in dashkenva with another guild member named Lushkiel. But their romance was short, as she contracted an incurable disease that caused the skin to sloth off. He was faced with a choice; stay by her side until it finally killed her, or take her life so as to save her from the pain the disease caused. He chose the latter, realizing his grave, emotional mistake. That night he swore never to love again, and began focusing all his energy into becoming the most powerful Under in The Underground. He delved deeper into the black arts than anyone he knew, and soon, everything good that had been in him, albeit very small, was quelched and sacrificed for the darkness. Finally, once he felt he was prepared, he stormed the main keep of the Guild, leaving a trail of death behind him. The battle between Vektor and the Guild Leader lasted several days, but at the last moment Vektor’s power flickered, giving the Guild Master just enough time to strike him down. He was tortured, his reproductive rights were removed, and he was banished from The Underground forever. He emerged for the first time on the surface in Skavash, where he taught himself how to interact with surface dwellers. After much soul searching and personal healing he decided to become a traveling undertaker and see the world, to try and become someone worth while. Looking back he regrets his younger days, and the fact that he had his teeth filed down to sharp points. “It makes it hard to go on dates when all the potential women run screaming when you smile.”



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