A dreamscape


A strange man dressed in flamboyant clothing and a general air of not caring. He has serious mental issues and makes about as much sense as a dream. While he may prove useful, at first look he is nothing but an annoyance.


In life he was an elf (Known as Ul in his native tongue). He was a scholar named Liejyan Irfya that studied psychology. His hobbies were dreams and what they mean. One night he stumbled upon the Dreamspace, which is a dream world that acts just like dreams, but is a real place, where if you die there, so does your body. He was so enthralled, he forgot to wake up, and his body starved to death. His soul was trapped in the dreamscape and he became a “lost soul”.

He founded the “Carnival of Lost Souls” in the dreamscapes, spending hundreds of years traveling the scapes, taking up souls and adding them to the show to keep them protected, for dream creatures feed on lost souls.

He then decided to become something more. He got on the good side of the God of the Dreamscapes, Nacht, and became a dream lord, able to project himself into reality and travel and model the dreamscapes with ease.

He is the superior Dream Lord, and is Nacht’s right hand man and advisor. He is also the man that Johnathan answers to at the end of the day.

He is the oldest Dream Lord, and has forgotten the fact that he is also the first Dream Lord. He is older than anyone but the Gods knows. William is an example of what happens when dream lords get too old. He has no memory of how he used to be, and is struggling to not fade away. For this reason, he is very flamboyant in every way, trying so hard to stay “alive.” Any trace of who he used to be has been shaved away by age, and he fears that his time is nearing its end.

He is kind of rude and snippy on the surface, but it’s only to hide how truly lonely he is inside.


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