Children of Aya Moving

Nothing Satisfies me But Your Soul

Started off with a dinner from Alice of beef and potato stew, potato bread and butter, assorted fruits, and sparkling grape juice. Then they went into the dream-scapes using Lilliro’s coin. Kimblee’s dream-scape started off in a brightly lit forest. They talked to a bird, and then started to skin in the grass. They fell through the grass to land in a darker forest filled with giant, flying bugs. They discovered they had to stay crawling to keep from intimidating the bugs. Soon they found that that bugs were falling from the sky. Corvus put one out of its misery. They found an archway that they bugs could not fly through. On the other side was Skavash. Was discovered outside the curfew and was taken to the captain, who happened to be Corvus’ Brother. They escaped to an Inn where they were locked in with the spaces. Once they realized they were trapped they finally busted the spaces and went through. They found themselves on the edge of a farm, where a scarecow was. It was made with a priest. Closer to town they found more, with sewn mouths and maggoty eye sockets. They found the church and inside was a congregation of pig people. At the front was a faceless preacher reading from the banned version of the Holy Scriptures of Aya. They spoke with the priest a bit. Then they left and found themselves in a bright field. 4 horses were seen running away in the distance. They found ropes that lead to the body parts of a drawn and quartered child, with a pole in the center with a white dress tied to it. Salamanders started crawling up from the ground. They ran to help Lilliro, who was experiencing very vivid flash backs. They came upon Jan’nasche. Inside they found Vektor, who lead them to the temple. Inside the temple whey saw Vektor sitting in a chair up front, the lights blew out and the door slammed shut. A voice was heard, “Why did you follow the webs? I told you not to.” Red lights illuminated a black figure up front, with glowing red eyes. Estiel and Corvus started conversing, until Corvus questioned his power. They discovered that Estiel needs a body. He whipped them together and began pulling them closer. Degenes felt something pull on her hair. All but Corvus were pulled out of the dream-scape by Vektor. Corvus almost experienced Estdemshke Varrog ga, when the others woke him up. They went to the restaurant and discussed things. Corvus went to see Dante, who enjoyed his company thoroughly. Degenes wrote a letter after speaking with the toy shop. They converged and discussed their next move, and decided to go to Bree. With the assistance of Lilliro and Dante, they chartered a small ship. Sadly, An’nak found her piggy dead. :( They sailed to Jan’nasche and discovered a woman dead in the toy shop. They continued through the town and made camp on the road north to Bree. That night Corvus and An’nak dreamed Kimblee was a doll and were chased by Estiel after talking with Alice and Derek, who were effected by Sorrow. They woke and continued north. Kimblee came across writings in the ground from her little lost clown, and a bracelet. They arrived in Bree and went into the inn. They discovered a little girl named Lucy was missing. Corvus went to speak to Daniel to make sure he did not kill her. He told Daniel to leave Lilliro alone. That night Lilliro saw Daniel outside. He dominated her to open her window so he could smell her.

Kimblee's Dream

Kimblee woke up on the ship, but found that no one was awake. She went up top to find a mermaid tied to the bow. She went back downstairs to find Liliro, who could not sleep because of Corvus’ nightmares. When Kimblee woke up there was no one on the ship and it had made port in Elequin. Once on “land” she saw a mir running along the shore fall and die. She went to investigate and found Dante’s Papers. No one was in the town, so she went to find someone and ran across Dante, who invited her into his house. They talked a bit where she discovered that the texts were from a banned version of the Holy Scriptures. She wandered around a bit more to find herself in a small town. No one was there. She found a missing picture of a little girl named Lucy. She went into the lit toy store to find it full of dolls. She found one china doll on the shelf who looked exactly like Lucy and had a “Lucy” tag. She put it in her bag. She then found a large glass case with an Ayan sized ball jointed doll inside. Its name on the tag was burned out. The key in the lock started to turn due to strings attached to it from the floor and ceiling. She locked it back just as the doll’s hand slammed into the glass. It went still but the key started to turn once more. She lunged for a pair of sewing shears but did not make it back before the glass case creaked open. She ran for the door as the doll slowly walked towards her, attaching to strings from the ceiling. She finally got the door open and ran. She found herself in the town of Skavash. She ran into a guard who warned her to get inside due to the curfew. She did as told and went into an inn where she was locked in a room with Nacht. He talked with her for a long time and finally asked if she was the kind of person who would take risks to find the truth, or would rather stay ignorant and safe. she chose the former, so he gave her a gift; a Music Box. Then she was standing in a field before a circus. She soon found a little clown who could not speak due to the fact that he had no mouth, only a painted on one. She discovered from him that he was dead, doomed forever to wander the dream-scape. She went to see if she could get out of the dream-scape after speaking with a little flower person, and was unable to return to the circus. Then she woke up inside the wagon just as the group outside were discussing Dante’s Papers.

Ripples in the Water

Corvus woke in a dream of the spaces. In his dream Lilliro broke her bones and squeezed into the spaces. Then they enjoyed a nice day, and that night they heard some lewd sailor stories. Corvus made some money off a gullible sailor. Then as they went to sleep, Degenes trying to calm down Derek who was afraid of Corvus’ stories, Vektor informed them of an issue up top. Sailors were being sucked off the boat by tendrils from the sea. They soon discovered that the boat was being swarmed by mermaids. By the end of the battle, all party members had been sucked into the water. But they emerged victorious, the only casualty being Vektor’s top hat. That Lilliro and Corvus sustained the most injuries. That night Degenes had a nightmare about Derek. Upon awakening they discovered hundreds upon hundreds of mir corpses floating in the water. They arrived to the town that evening. Corvus dreampt of an Ayan man and a bundle of papers. The next morning Lilliro’s voices lead her to corvus and had her question him about them. Meanwhile, Degenes discovered a dead merfolk outside her carriage with a bundle of papers. They all convened to read what the papers had to say, and started planning based on what they found written.

Maggots in the Silo

The Piper’s rats disappeared, leaving the town with no food. (They had begun to make a good living eating the rats) And the absence of The Piper allowed Elaine to seep into the town, whose constant rain slowly turned to blood. The group decided to go get help from another town, looking for food and supplies for the town. They traveled to the small town of Bree, where they acquired many animals and food stuffs. During their stay they discovered an old farm house with a dead priest in the silo, killed in an apparently ritualistic way. They found the resident of the house, Daniel, was a vampire, and apparently had no clue how the man had gotten in his silo. Degenes then had a dream that made her believe the evil would spread North to the small town. They returned to Jan’nasche with the supplies to find a desperate town that had turned to hunting the mir, and each other. With the new Mayor’s blessing, they set sail on a ship headed to Elequin, where they could hopefully find supplies and support for the dying town.

The Piper

(Sorry, I have been slacking. I’ll summarize what I slacked on and start up again.)
After the group killed Elaine, the town began to spiral into chaos. Their search for an answer lead them into a spacious room filled with names, one of them being MICHAH LIKANE. They also learned of something called The Piper, that called rats upon the town of Jan’nasche. When they attempted to leave they found Elaine waiting for them at the gates. The town was starving, the rats began to kill people, so little An’nak took things in her own hands, causing her death and journey to Hell. The Cleric Saya saved her. While this happened a new comer arrived in town, the mysterious Vektor, and the Mayor’s wife was consumed by rats. While the group obsessed over Elaine, Degenes followed her dreams. (Drip drip drop, little april showers.) They began to notice the rain was salty, like tears. Saya went missing. They confronted the Mayor, who killed himself in their presence, only to appear alive once more. He soon revealed himself as The Piper and a battle ensued. They were victorious, leaving the Mayor’s dead body in the street.

Prelude: It's Just the Beginning Part II

After a night of nightmares, Degenes drug the party to the slums to find the woman, Elaine, whose family burned a year ago. After making a new friend in Madam Olivia, they found themselves in front of 3 row houses, and a droopy dog named barf. After finding a gruesome (and mysterious) death scene inside the first house, they learned just how much the city doesn’t care about the slums. After another visit to Madam Olivia (And another missing baby to worry about) they found themselves descending steps found under the row houses into a dark basement filled with the ghosts of children and blood-soaked walls. They had to fight off the warped corpse of the second child, with the haunting words of Elaine echoing from the walls, “He’s the wrong one.” After blessing the corpses of dozens of dead children, jumping into the pit of said dead children to find a key, and walking through strips of skin hanging from the ceiling, they made it to the room where Elaine sat rocking the missing baby. After a stressful battle, they managed to beat Elaine, who was engulfed by the wall, and saved the baby (after having dealt it some accidental damage.)

Prelude: It's Just the Beginning Part I

The group started off with Corvus entering Jan’nasche the same day a ship made it to the harbor a week late. After a lovely day of piddly-farting around in Alice’s Restaurant, the party went to sleep, where a few members experienced a vivid, shared dream. They followed clues given to them by Alice about the dream to a house where a family had burned to death. They went into the house and broke into the basement, which lead them to a horrible children’s room filled with maggot filled toys. The maggots, to the druid, only said “food, food, food…” They escaped only to learn that a baby had been stolen and the school broken into. They returned to the house to find that the rooms and maggots were nowhere to be found.


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