Children of Aya Moving

Are you ready to fight?

They went to wake Corvus but he said he was not feeling well. They went out to dinner at a mildly quiet restaurant, and had the first sit-down meal undisturbed by evil shenanigans that they’ve been allowed. Upon returning to the inn, they notice large spaces form in the wall of their room next to Corvus’. Suddenly they hear terrible screaming from Corvus’ room. They run in to see Corvis standing in the middle of the room, Spaces cracking and breaking all around him. He turns to look at them, the box in his hands. They run and run and run. While running Lilliro runs into Endrrul, the Under that captured her. She tortures him in an ally and takes him to the Church of Estiel. Then they run into Menirr who was kind to Lilliro, and is also the wife of Tendrre. They follow her and run into the Circus of Lost Souls, whom have been “pawned” off to a demon named Stitch. Once at the home of Tendrre, they eat and sleep, only for the group sans Vektor to have a dream scape where Nacht forces them to act out a play.

Degenes: Elves
Kimblee: Estiel
An’nak: Under
Lilliro: Ayan

Scene 1
Degenes: Standing alone
An’nak : Comes out of the shadows and slits Dedenes’ neck, taking her purse.
Degenes: Falls and then gets back up. I am sick and tired of dealing with these criminals. I just want to walk around and look pretty without having to worry.
An’nak: We will never stop. You give us no opportunities, we will never stop taking what we deserve.
Degenes: Very well then. We’ll have to do something then. Look to An’nak and slap her down
An’nak: Falls But, it’s so dark down here.
Degenes: It’s what you deserve.

Scene 2
An’nak: H-hello? It’s so dark. I can’t see. Is anyone there?
Kimblee: I am.
An’nak: Oh. And who are you? Can I steal anything from you?
Kimblee: I am He who dwells within, trapped, just like you.
An’nak. Oh. Well… That makes no sense. crosses arms You’re no help
Kimblee: You haven’t asked the right questions.
An’nak: Well fine. What’s a gal gotta do to get some light around here?
Kimblee: Snaps and the rocks begin to glow with an unnatural light
An’nak: Woah. Thanks tall dark and creepy.
Kimblee: My pleausre. Now let’s get you set up.
An’nak & Kimblee: exit


Scene 3
An’nak: Darkness became all we knew, and for thousands of years we relied on Him to guide us. Guide us to water,
Kimblee: Points
An’nak: Guide us to knowledge,
Kimblee: Touches An’nak’s head
An’nak: and guide us each through life. We were His chosen, His adoptive children, and He always told us;
Kimblee: You will do great things.
An’nak: And so we forgot. Forgot where we came from, what we used to be.
Degenes: Off stage Good!
An’nak: And the world forgot about us.
Degenes: Off stage Damn Straight!

Scene 4
Lilliro: You know, we’re awesome. We’ve got the sky and the sea and the ground. I wonder what else we can do!
Kimblee: Slides over with a smirk, whispering Yes, you have the sky, and the sea, and the ground. But there is one more place you have not conquered. One place you have not ventured. Have you ever wondered what’s beneath your feet?
Lilliro: Hm…. I wonder what’s beneath my feet. Looks down And so we began to dig. Down where we’d never been.
An’nak: Looks up and screams What is that?! It’s too bright!
Kimblee: Slides over to An’nak, whispering There’s a whole new world up there, just for you.
An;nak: Growls and steps up to Lilliro This is ours.
Lilliro: No, it’s ours.
An’nak: looks behind Lilliro That’s ours too.
Lilliro: No, that’s ours. Who the hell are you?
An’nak: We are the Under, and we will destroy you if you do not stand down.
Lilliro: How dare you?

Kimblee: Laughs

The end

A harsh wake-up

They woke to the sounds of crashing. They ran out to see a collapse in the entrance to the Underground where the lifts were. They were passed by the three priests, and then found Hell beneath the rubble. Then they ran away and went back to their rooms, quite shaken.

Fresh Fish

After fighting off the wolves, they returned to their horses to find that Ren was gone. They followed the trail, finding little trinkets such as buttons or cloth scraps along the way. Finally they came across a fin. Then Kimblee found Ren’s anemone outside a hole in the ground. Kimblee went in as a Badger and triggered a spell that summoned a zombie. She crawled out and Corvus took control of the zombie. Alas, it was little help. They descended once more as a group into the hole, Shane and Vektor staying behind. Below they found a dirt room that had been converted into a shine to Estiel. On the altar was fresh fish blood. They ascended on the other side just outside of a large opening, like a cave. They went back tot he others and they all approached the cave, It was an uncharted entrance to the Underground. They went in, going down the lift and into the city. Wanted posters were still up for Vektor, who had to cover his face and remove his hat. They found a stand with fresh fish cuts. Curvus asked the vampire who worked there where he got it. Said it was merfolk found in the woods. RIP Ren. They got rooms in the inn and Corvus had a dream where the spaces were trying to get him. William saved him. The next morning Corvus ordered the Spaces to kill the vampire that slaughtered Ren.

Big Bad Wolf

As they made camp for the night, Kimblee saw eyes in the woods. They belonged to wolves. After speaking with one she discovered that the wolves had become aggressive under a new leader called The Master. She convinced the wolf to take them to The Master in the morning. The wolf lead them to a ravine. They were forced to leave the horses behind with Ren to look after them, as she was ill. In the ravine they came to a dead end where a big wolf was. Turned out it was a man in a wolf skin, a demon. They were surrounded by giant wolves and had to fight them as well as The Master.

Dances with Vampires

Kimblee went as a bird to speak with the horses, but was interrupted by a vampire. She finally got the horses free and they ran with the carriage out of town. As they ran, they were chased by vampires. Kimblee sent Korric to distract them. but a vampire bashed him out of the way and broke his wing. Back in town An’nak lured a vampire upstairs and Dante donned his armor, taking the rest of the group and chaining them up to his wagon. As they walked, more and more vampires started noticing them. Finally, Corvus broke off from the group and fought with Alexander Delacroix, allowing the rest of the group to escape the town. Corvus then found Korric and booked it out of town to reunite with the group. They retreated into the Forgotten Forest, leaving the carriage with William to take to Ter’reno. As they travelled North Corvus came across a dying Under vampire, roasting in the sun.

Here Comes the Rain Again

“Up head they could see a dark cloud, and then Dante came up to the road and his group of mir got turned into to dolls so we let him tag along with us and Corvus didn’t like that, and we got to the town of Kalma. And then we got to the very ritsy hotel and that a girl was gonna do a show for her graduation and that the shadows make people sick. And then we were at dinner and found out that the shadows were growing and turned Corvus’s foot into a doll foot. And then I had a dream in the church and there was the drippety droppeties of the bloods, and the peoples in the rafters, and the peoples looking up at the drippety droppeties, and the singing of the drip drip drop little april showers. And then I told them about that and we investigated the church and it was nice. And then we went to the show and the girl turned into Sorrow and sang the stupid Elain song, and the snow turned into blood snow, and the army came. And then William pulled us into a dreamscape which royally ticked off most of us, and then Dante pulled us out and we were in a random room. And then we took a really long time to figure out how to get the crap out of there, and found out that the wagon was taken somewhere eles, so we’re gonna take all our stuff into Dante’s wagon and leave.” ~ Vickie

Basically, yes.
The singer’s name was Rennette, and she sang “The Awakening”.
I dreamed a dream, a silent dream
of a land not far away
where no bird sang,
no steeples rang,
and teardrops fell like rain.
I dreamed a dream; a silent dream.
I dreamed a dream
of a land so filled with pride
that every song,
both weak and strong,
withered and died.
No hallelujah;
not one hosanna!
No song of love, no lullaby.
And no choir sang to change the world.
No pipers played, no dancers twirled.
I dreamed a dream; a silent dream.
A silent silent dream.

And as she sang, she morphed into Sorrow and her song changed to Samara’s song.

The Awakening

The group woke up with no clue who they were or where they were. They were sleeping around a cold fire. They came to the conclusion that they were part of a traveling circus. Vektor (Morticai) was ring master, An’nak (acrobat) was an acrobat/drunk, Shane (joe) was the guard, Kimblee was a jester/animal tamer, Degenes was a healer, Ren (Therin) was a freak show, and corvus (dante) was a fortune teller. They traveled and found a hole in the planes to the bug scape. They also found a doll in the road that turned out to not be good. They found 2 other dolls as well. Then they woke up to find they had been sleep traveling. They came to a camp of some of the Skavash Second Company and met Alexander Delacroix, and the met with “the crazy man” to ask about dreamscapes. Corvus set him free and he began to follow them, sending Corvus into a dreamscape to “face his deep seated issues.” After much annoying waiting, Vektor got him re-shackled, and Corvus managed to irritate the Spaces even further. And the gave Nacht his bell back, that the crazy man had made.

The Deamons inside

While traveling north, Kimblee, Ren, and Degenes had a dreamscape where they visited the bug forest once again to find that the bugs were all dead. They found the doorway and went through it to find themselves in a farm field of corn made of teeth. They found a dog with a spider in his mouth and fed a bug to him. Then the spaces man showed up. Then they woke up to find the dog had come through with them. While traveling north, They found a gaping hole in the walls of the plane. Something possessed Ren and took over. The group figured it out soon enough and kept her down, while Ren and Aiden, the demon, discussed things in her head. He said he just wanted to live and escape the hell plane. She fell for it. They took her to the next town and wnted to get her excorcized, but he jumped to Kimblee, and begged for her to help him. She reluctantly agreed and he went and stayed with Ren. Eventually, they got info from Aiden and got him his own wayward body, behind the monk’s back.

We've all got Spaces

They woke. Vektor, Kimblee, Corvus, and Scarlet pulled the others out. The entire village was burnt down. They decided to head North. They camped on the side of the road, when Ren had a bad dream and woke up and started showing signs of paranoia. She had issues with heights and Vektor, and a heightened sense of fear. The next morning, Vektor began to trip and become very clumsy. They came to a man who was walking South, and fell down, dead, with a smile on his face. There was ahole all the way through his body. Once they reached to the town, every one began to be effected by the Spaces. Corvus felt a lack of importance, Kimblee felt enourmous guilt, An’nak felt a lack of faith, Degenes became overly lonely and motherly. Ren succumbed to the spaces first and flipped out. Then Degenes began to try and steal children. Ren ran and found a fountain and started having a heart attack. They escaped from the town and the spaces subsided. Corvus had a dream where Nacht told him that someone had summoned The Spaces. The Spaces man came and talked to Corvus. The next day they went back and Scarlet was having symptoms too, trying to kill herself with forks and stuff. They investigated the school at the behest of a homeless man where the teacher was trying to poison the children. They stopped her after she’d drank the poison and continued to investigate. Eventually they came to the shoe maker. Degenes distracted him while Kimblee and Corvus went upstairs and found a little box. Corvus took the box and became the owner of the Spaces.

Blood Red Strings

They went into the house. They tried to go into the door, and there was a doll in the way. They fought their way into the house where lots of girl dolls were. They found the hallway with the baby doll that bit them. On the other side was a hallway full of dolls if they were quiet. At the end was the red doll, that they spoke with and convinced to let them go through. On the other side was a workshop with a balljointed centepede doll. They then went through the door and Vektor got locked out and Lucy was hanging from the ceiling. She turned into Michah Likane. One by one they got knocked out, except Kimblee and Corvus. She let Kimblee go because she knew how to talk to Gods. She kept Corvus because he never gave up. She then ascended into the world.


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