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  • Jan'nasche

    A harbor city at the very South of Astaire, Jan'nasche is a heavy import city, and is usually the last stop for traveling ships. Unlike most smaller harbor cities, Jan'nasche was founded by the [[Ayan]]. Its residents are hard working and generally …

  • Fer'ren

    A town between [[Sanguine City]] and [[Ter'reno]], Fer'ren is a farming city that supplies food to the rest of the cities during times of need. Heavily populated by druids, it is a calm and peaceful place, despite the heavy traffic it endures.

  • Ulei

    The Continent to the West of Astaire, home to the [[Ul]].

  • South Astaire

    The continent in the South (Where this campaign takes place). South Astaire is highly rooted in theology, and is not as technologically advanced at [[North Astaire]]. There are several landmarks that make up South Astaire. *The Ayaspine Mountains* The …

  • North Astaire

    The country to the North of the [[Ayaspine]], North Astaire is much more technologically advances than [[South Astaire]], and has very little religious knowledge.

  • Ayaspine

    The Ayaspine is a mountain range that separates the two countries of Astaire. It is virtually impassable, the only people able to inhabit them being the [[Half Races|Orak]]. The only way to travel across them would be through the underground. The Ayaspine …

  • Elequin

    A harbor city on the West coast of [[South Astaire]], it is a beautiful city built into the side of a cliff. Home to mostly [[Half Races|Mir]], it extends into the sea as far down as it extends upwards. Elequin is a midpoint between [[Jan'nasche | Jan' …

  • Sanguine City

    Sanguine City is the capital of [[South Astaire]] and is the largest city in the South. Home to the Sanguine King and the Church of [[Aya]], it is considered a place everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime.

  • Ter'reno

    A large city in the North of [[South Astaire]], it is a city of pleasure. While not a good place to raise children, Ter'reno is great if you're looking for a good time.

  • Skavash

    A fortified city to the North East of [[South Astaire]], run and protected by the [[Delacroix]]. Despite not following the [[Sanguine City|Sanguine Rule]], Skavash stays peaceful with the other cities.

  • Orak'khan

    The [[Half Races|Orak]] city in the [[Ayaspine|mountains]]. This is the farthest North anyone can go (save the [[Half Races|Oraks]]) without being “lost by the mountains.”

  • Bree

    A small town just North of [[Jan'nasche]], Bree is merely a travelers stop on the way to larger places, with less than 50 residents. While there is not much to see, Bree is a peaceful town with everything one needs to be comfortable, including an inn, a …

  • Lilthe

    A small town on the outskirts of [[Fer'ren]], run solely by druids.

  • The Underground

    As the name suggests, the Underground is a vast network of tunnels and underground cities that lies below the surface of Astaire. The areas near the openings are traveler friendly, but once you get into the deeper, darker underground it is a hostile …

  • Miheim

    Miheim is the town North of Bree. It is a very religious town, and is typically a very peaceful and quiet place.

  • The Crossroads city of Kalma

    A town that rests at the crossroads, where you can either go West, Ease, North, or South. It is mainly focused on the arts and trading, and sees much foot traffic. It has the third largest arts school in the [[South Astaire | South]], and is generally a …

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