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  • Jasmine Delacroix

    Jasmine Delacroix traveled to [[Jan'nasche]] after serving in the city of [[Skavash]]. While only having been elected 2 years prior, Jasmine has done a lot to help the town of [[Jan'nasche]]. While seemingly shy and very rarely seen, her works showed …

  • Vektor

    Vektor was born in the underground. His parents were lower class [[Under]] in the service of the Black Hand Guild of Necromancy. His mother died giving birth to him, and his father died not long after. As an orphaned child he grew up not knowing the touch …

  • Caelic Delacroix

    Born and raised in [[Skavash]], Caelic and his brother spent thier entire childhood and young adult years preparing for the Delacroix [[choosing]] that would happen in thier life time. He knew his older brother, Corvus, wanted to be chosen more than …

  • Alexander Delacroix

    In life Alexander served the Sanguine King. But one day he disagreed with a diplomatic decision made by the king in regards to [[Skavash]], and led his company on an attack on the city. All his men were annihilated by the Skavash Guard, and he was dragged …

  • Light Delacroix

    In life Light was a devout worshiper of Aya, and with his last Ayan breath he begged her for help. She came to his aid in the last way she could, and in his blood is sunlight.

  • Alos Delacroix

    Alos was a painter before he was turned, and after he became a vampire he decided to pour all of his eternity into learning and perfecting every kind of art. He does not care for warfare or politics, and focuses all his energies on creating.

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