(This is all based on the teachings of the Church of Aya.)

Estiel, the embodiment of evil and all things destructive. He is the son of a dark god of a distant plane. He roamed the emptiness, unwelcome in his father’s house. He ran into Aya, who he found to be unbelievably beautiful. So he bonded with her, creating Astaire. Aya was everything he could ever want… for a while. Soon he began to lust after the world, wanting to hold power over it. More power than Aya. Aya sensed this, and banished him to an empty neighboring plane, later given the name Edrrenshk Marrkorr, where he sat and waited, the hatred for his love growing deep within him. Soon that hate spawned into an amalgamation of spirits, deamons, and creatures of evil that pushed, clawed, and pulled against the boundaries between the planes.

In present days worshipers of Estiel are few and far between on the surface, living in “cults” and keeping out of the public’s eye. It is more prevalent in The Underground, where the boundaries between the planes are thinner.

While Estiel has never entered Astaire, there have been whisperings of his name.

Black handprint


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