Ayan – (Human) The Ayan are the most prominent race in Astaire.

Ul – (Elf) The Ul come from Ulei, only rarely lowering themselves to travel to the “Ayan Continent”. They are rare, and thus would not be suited for anything other than a class that demands attention, like a Bard.

Ayul – (Half-elf) The Ayul are rare except in large cities and west coast towns. They are the offspring of an Ul and an Ayan, or two Ayul.

Sprout – (Halfling) The Sprout are a dying race, for they are too small to breed with the larger races. Thier numbers were almost whiped out when the Under surfaced 600 years ago. They are generally ignored, seen as mere irritants to the Ayan.

Under – (Drow) The Under live predominantly in The Underground, spending their time practicing the dark arts and crafting magical items to sell to the Ayan. Native Under are generally evil, but an under raised on the surface has the chance to be anything he/she wants.

Ayun – (Half-drow) The Ayun are common in large cities where the entrances to The Underground are. They are the offspring of an Under and an Ayan, or two Ayun.

Orak – (Half-ork) The Orak live in the Ayaspine Mountains, only venturing south when resources are low. They are unintelligent and brutal.

Mir – (Half-merfolk) The Mir are an aquatic race that have spawned from prolonged fornication between Ayan and Merfolk. They live in coastal cities or in larger towns that offer “Mir wells” for them to dwell in. They are amphibious.

*note: Please learn the names of the races. After a while I will start deducting xp if you do not.


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