South Astaire

The continent in the South (Where this campaign takes place). South Astaire is highly rooted in theology, and is not as technologically advanced at North Astaire. There are several landmarks that make up South Astaire.

The Ayaspine Mountains
The large and impassable mountain range that separated North Astaire and South Astaire. It also houses the Birthplace of the World, where life began for Astaire.

The Forgotten Forest
A large forest just North of Jan’nasche. Its roads have long been overgrown, knowledge of their original positions lost. Few dare venture to travel it. Even fewer make it back out.

Forest of An’nak
A forest to the far North. Its tall trees make it a beautiful place to see.

Verat Tulenva
A forest to the North of Skavash. The trees here grow black, and few dare venture inside.

Ayavein River
The longest river in the Southern continent.

Ayas’soro River
The second longest river in the Southern continent. Its endpoint is a mystery, somewhere within The Forgotten Forest.

South Astaire

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